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You Hybrid Mattress by Hibboux

Customize your mattress to fit your preferences. Choose size, firmness, and cover fabric. Try it risk-free for 100 days. If not satisfied, return it, no questions asked. 


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● Tailored comfort and less motion transfer with pocket springs
● Choose from 3 different firmness levels
● Customized fabric selection
● Suitable for 4 seasons, one-sided use
● Height: 26 cm (+/-1)
● 10 Year Warranty on Spring Frame
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Shipping in Germany

Orders placed before 2:00 PM Central European Time (CET) will be promptly dispatched via DHL Express or Spedition Cargo, contingent on the mattress dimensions. Expect delivery of your package within three business days from the order date. Enjoy complimentary shipping on all mattress orders, as a token of our commitment to your satisfaction and convenience.


We are committed to the excellence of our products and believe that both you and your child will be delighted with your new Hibboux items. If, however, you find yourself unsatisfied with your mattress, we are prepared to accept returns of any mattress bought through our website within the first 100 days after your purchase. Accompanying your delivery, you will find a plastic sheet intended for repacking the mattress in the event of a return. Should you decide to initiate a return, simply notify our customer service team, and upon receiving your request, we will coordinate with our transport company to schedule a pick-up at your convenience.

Once the returned item has arrived at our warehouse, we will issue a refund to your original payment method. Please note, the refund process may vary depending on your payment method and could take between 5 to 10 working days to be reflected in your account. This ensures a smooth and worry-free return process, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Do you still have questions? Please visit ourFAQ-Page.

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  • Air your mattress for 24 hours after first unpacking.
  • Use your bed on a slatted base, bed frame or similar product with a flat and hard surface.
  • Our beds are one-sided. Therefore, do not turn your bed up and down. Turn your bed 180 degrees from bottom to top every 3 months.
  • Store your mattress horizontally, not upright, for transportation or storage.
  • Clean your bed by wiping it with a warm, soapy and damp cloth.
  • Using a wet cloth makes drying more difficult and can cause the inner layers to become wet.
  • Do not use bleach or bleach to clean your mattress.
  • Use it after your mattress has dried completely after cleaning.
  • Air your bed at regular intervals.
  • You can view our operating instructions for the bed via the link below.

User guide

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YOU Hybrid Matratze

What’s Inside You Mattress?

1 2 3 4
Fabric Options
Firmness Level
Pocket Spring
Edge Support
cover type Probiotic
cover type Energize
cover type Fresh

Probiotics On Duty

Purotex probiotic hygiene technology, an exceptional treatment, stands out as a groundbreaking innovation. This technology embeds millions of probiotics within microcapsules across the fabric. As your body comes into contact with the mattress, friction triggers the probiotics to emerge from these microcapsules. They then actively begin to cleanse and purify the mattress's upper surface, eliminating allergens and bacteria.

Forever Clean, Continuously Allergy-Free

Utilizing advanced technological methods, this technique guarantees the mattress remains at peak cleanliness without resorting to chemicals.

Washable Zippered Cover

The mattress cover can be effortlessly removed from the mattress using its zipper and is machine washable following the provided washing instructions.

The Miracle of Infrared

The Energy fabric is made from flexible, breathable knitted material. Its fibers are crafted from infrared ceramic yarns.

Reclaim Your Lost Energy

Named Vitalize, this technology truly enhances vitality and wellness, living up to its name.

Probiotics On Duty

Purotex probiotic hygiene technology, an exceptional treatment, stands out as a groundbreaking innovation.

Breathing Fabric, thanks to Cairfull

Sweating while sleeping is a prevalent issue, influenced by factors such as climate, dietary habits, and individual biological makeup.

Feel Refreshed

Incorporating Lyocell into the Cairfull fabric, which is woven with Tencel Lyocell fibers, enhances the fabric's softness and boosts its ability to absorb moisture.

Probiotics On Duty

Purotex probiotic hygiene technology, an exceptional treatment, stands out as a groundbreaking innovation.

spring level Soft

We employ springs of a larger diameter for our soft mattresses, providing greater flexibility and a gentler support. The comfort layer consists of a unique, low-density foam that is notably soft.

Who should choose a soft mattress?

A soft mattress is ideal for individuals who predominantly sleep on their side or back. It is also better suited for those with a lower body mass index, as they are less heavy.

spring level Medium

For our medium firm mattresses, we utilize springs with a smaller diameter, which reduces flexibility while enhancing the support provided to the body. The comfort layer is made of a specially designed, low-density foam that is soft yet supportive. Together, these features create a medium-firm mattress that offers a balance between comfort and robust support.

Who should opt for a medium-firm mattress?

A medium-firm mattress is versatile, making it suitable for all sleeping positions due to its balance of comfort and support. If you find hard mattresses too stiff, feeling as though you're lying on a plank because they don't contour to your body, then a medium-firm mattress may be for you. Similarly, if you find yourself sinking too much into a soft mattress, lacking adequate support for your body, then a medium-firm option is likely a better choice.

spring level Hard

For our firm mattresses, we utilize springs with a smaller diameter, decreasing flexibility but increasing the support for the body. The comfort layer is composed of a special foam that has a firm structure, offering a significant advantage in terms of load-bearing capacity and providing superior support. However, it's worth noting that some might find the comfort level to be slightly lower compared to softer mattresses.

Who should choose a firm mattress?

Generally, individuals who are heavier, meaning those with a higher body mass index, might find firm mattresses more suitable. Firm mattresses are particularly recommended for those who prefer sleeping on their backs or sides.

The Classic: Pocket Spring System

The core feature of this mattress is its spine-supporting mechanism, enabled by advanced pocket spring technology. These springs adjust to body weight and changes in position, ensuring continuous support, making this ideal for couples by absorbing and isolating movements.

Independent and Comprehensive

Pocket springs are individually encased, allowing air flow for a cooler, more comfortable sleep, and maintaining the mattress's structural integrity. The YOU mattress utilizes this technology, with each spring tailored in diameter, height, and density to provide specialized support and maintain proper sleep posture.

You Mattress Spring System

The distinctive feature of the You mattress spring system lies in its customizable design. Users have the freedom to select a spring mechanism based on their preferred firmness level, allowing them to tailor the mattress's base to their individual comfort needs. This personalization sets the You mattress apart from traditional spring systems, which typically offer fixed levels of firmness.

Edge-to-Edge Comfort: Introducing our Ultra-Edge Spring Technology

At Hibboux, we harness advanced technology to enhance the comfort zone of your mattress. Our unique "Ultra-Edge-Technology" features a spring system designed to maintain firmness, stability, and protection right to the mattress's edge. Unlike typical mattresses, which use a foam layer encasing the support springs – a process known as “pooling” – to maintain structure, our approach ensures even support distribution. Traditional pooling often results in softer mattress edges, compromising support especially when shared by two people. Hibboux confronts this issue directly: instead of standard pooling, we employ a spring plate that reaches the mattress's perimeter, maintaining consistent shape and density across its entire surface, ensuring edge-to-edge support.

Breathable Comfort: Revolutionizing Sleep with Enhanced Airflow Mattress Design

The innovative design of these springs, by eliminating edge foams, not only supports your body but also enhances airflow. This design creates a spacious, breathable surface, significantly reducing the buildup of heat and moisture beneath you as you sleep. Consequently, it fosters a sleeping environment that is cooler, drier, and ultimately more comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Schnelle Lieferung

Das Produkt ist perfekt. Versand und Verpackung sind sehr gut. Schnelle Lieferung


Nachdem wir uns ein neues Bett gekauft hatten, suchten wir noch nach einer geeigneten Matratze. Bei Hibboux haben wir das Modell 180 cm in Medium gefunden. Die Härte ist für uns beide geeignet. Dazu haben wir einen probiotischen Bezug ausgewählt. Gerade die Waschbarkeit des Bezugs gefiel uns sehr gut. Als wir die Lieferung erhielten, haben wir den Bezug zuerst gewaschen. Und obwohl der Bezug sehr breit ist für unsere Matratze konnte ich ihn leicht anbringen (während meine Frau auf der Arbeit war). Danke Hibboux.

Stephanie Nachbar

Nach langen Recherchen habe ich mich für diese Matratze entschieden. Ich fand es klasse, jedes Merkmal der Matratze nach meinem eigenen Schlafbedürfnis auszuwählen. Also wollte ich mir eine Matratze zusammenstellen, die meine Schlaf-Probleme löst. Ich kämpfe mit Schwitzen und dem starken Einsinken in die Matratze aufgrund meines Gewichts. Bei der neuen Matratze war der hohe Härtegrad mit dem Bezugsstoff Fresh für mich geeignet. Ich schlafe nun schon seit 15 Tagen auf dieser Matratze. Ich sinke nicht mehr ein und bekomme eine gute Unterstützung durch die Matratze. Ich kann auch sagen, dass das Problem des Schwitzens weniger geworden ist. Die Lieferung erfolgte schnell und der Aufbau der Matratze war einfach.

Have a Peace of Mind for 100 days.

You have 100 days or 2400 hours to decide..

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oturan kadın görseli

You tried your mattress for 100 days and still not satisfied?

No problem, the return is extremely simple

We take your mattress from your door.

You can place your return request via contacting us.

We pay the return amount right away to you.

Do you have any questions?

The cover of the You mattress is machine washable, adhering to the given washing instructions.

Newly installed Roll-Pack beds should be left to expand and reach their full size for up to 48 hours before use.

The package includes your mattress, which is delivered in a roll pack form, along with the chosen cover. Once the mattress has expanded to its full shape, you can fit the cover onto it.

Roll-Pack mattresses can be set up by following the illustrated instructions provided in the user manual.

Prüfen Sie das Benutzerhandbuch

The mattresses are delivered in a compact, rolled form on castors for easy transportation.

All our adult beds are designed for one-sided use due to the special fibers and fabrics utilized, which are suitable for all seasons and do not require rotation.

To replace a mattress within 100 days of purchase, contact our customer service to initiate an exchange request. Return the original mattress and select a new one; price differences will be adjusted accordingly. If the new mattress is more expensive, you pay the difference; if less, you'll receive a refund.

For the second return of an exchanged mattress, 30% of the second mattress's price will be deducted from the refund. This policy applies after the initial 100 days trial period of the first mattress, during which only one return is allowed at full price.

To return a mattress, contact customer service to process your request. Package the mattress in the provided replacement bag and return it to our team. Note that returns without the proper bag may incur a fee, and there is an additional charge for replacement packaging.

Returned mattresses are accumulated in our warehouses and periodically sent to our factories for recycling to ensure environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

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