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Matratze "Botanic RP"

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  • Ideale Taschenfederstützen
  • Verbesserter Komfort und zusätzliche Festigkeit durch Latexschicht
  • Atmungsaktives, feuchtigkeitsabsorbierendes, weiches Gewebe mit Cairfull-Technologie aus Tencel-Gewebe
  • Probiotischer Schutz durch Purotex
  • Feuchtigkeitsabweisende Membranoberfläche
  • Mit Reißverschluss, Waschbare Füllung für die einfache Reinigung
  • Geeignet für alle 4 Jahreszeiten,einseitige  Verwendung
  • Höhe: 17 cm (+/-1)

  • 100 Tage Probeliegen, 2 Jahre Garantie
  • 10 Jahre Garantie auf das Federsystem
  • OEKO-TEX Zertifizierung
  • Herstellungsland: Türkei
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100 Days Return Policy

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What's inside?

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Botanical freshness of fabric

Lyocell in Cairfull fabrics knitted with TENCEL™ Lyocell yarns gives the fabric a softer feel and increases absorbency. TENCEL™ Lyocell is a much more absorbent fiber than cotton and gives people a feeling of freshness as moisture is quickly wicked away from the skin. It is an environmentally friendly material that comes from certified sustainable forests.

Breathable 3D fabric

The fabric, knitted in the form of three-dimensional micro-springs, offers unique moisture management thanks to the additional air circulation. It allows excess moisture caused by perspiration and high temperatures to evaporate quickly, ensuring a dry and fresh sleep. Thanks to this fabric, which contains more air, your baby's mattress always remains hygienic.

Natural protection against dust mites!

Natural probiotics placed in microcapsules with Purotex technology decompose from their capsules by friction from the first use and become active and envelop your mattress. Without the use of chemicals, this natural innovation with healthy probiotics found in the yogurt we eat and kefir we drink does not disappear with washing and provides first-day hygiene for many years.

Natural tree milk : Latex

Latex, a natural material extracted from the sap of rubber trees, is an ideal mattress topper with its unique flexibility and comfort. As it is a durable material, it offers many years of comfortable sleep.

Flexibility and comfort together

Latex is naturally a material with high elasticity. In this way, your baby's body aligns with the pressure points and protects the natural shape of the spine. The package has a unique hybrid function with the spring and provides the comfort your baby needs.

Balanced heat dissipation

Thanks to its special cut, the latex layer contains tiny air channels. The airflow created by these gaps increases moisture absorption and allows moisture to evaporate quickly. It offers your baby a dry and balanced sleep without perspiration all night long.

Package support system

Pocket springs are formed by packing each spring individually into the mattress core. This packing allows the springs to move independently of each other and adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. The springs maintain the natural curvature of the spine by distributing the body weight evenly.

Independent and holistic

This spring system, which is created by the combination of the individual packs that they put into each other, is an independent system in which no single spring moves except the spring that is under pressure. This zoneless spring system, which provides support tailored to your baby's pressure points, gives them the support they need.

Reinforced edge support frame

In the final phase, the mattress is sealed with an edge frame that covers all layers on all four sides. Thanks to its special formula, the reinforced edge frame of our mattresses increases the durability of the mattress. This support frame, which is incorporated into the edges of your mattress, offers your baby a particularly comfortable space.

Extra strong edges

Mattress edges are known to be the areas of the mattress that deform the quickest. Thanks to the reinforced bed frame with a special formula, your mattress will not deform or collapse over time. This means that your baby does not lean against the edges of the crib during sleep and can sleep undisturbed.

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Matratze "Botanic RP"
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