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Woozy Bedding Set

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  • Fabric : 100% Cotton
  • Filling : 100% Woolmark Certified Wool
  • Washable cover with zipper
  • Wash cover only as per care instructions
  • A bedding set consists of: 1 pillow + 1 comforter
  • 30-day trial, 2-year warranty
  • Oekotex Certified
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100 % Cotton Woolmark-certified 100% pure wool filling that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer


Woolmark certified wool


259,70 € 259,70 €

Do you have any questions?

In the baby sets, the pillows are 35x40 cm and the duvets are 80x80 cm. In the children's sets, the pillows are 40x60 cm and the duvets are 100x135 cm.

You can wash your wool baby blanket at 30 degrees in the washing machine as indicated in the instructions. We recommend drying by laying out on the lowest setting after spinning. As the raw material contained in the product is a natural material, it will deform more quickly if washed too often. For this reason, you can air your baby quilt by laying it out weekly. This way, your baby can sleep peacefully with the quilt for a long time.

You can wash the cover of the Little Hibboux wool pillow made especially for your children at 30 degrees in the washing machine. After spinning on the lowest setting, you can hang it to dry and use it again for your pillow. Natural raw materials such as wool quickly deform and clump together when washed. For this reason, it is sufficient for your child to sleep on a hygienic pillow if you wash the cover of the product and air the pillow during washing. This way, little long sleepers can use their pillow for a long time.

You can wash our wool baby pillow according to the care instructions. In addition, as the wool of the pillow is 100% wool market-approved natural wool, storing it in the sealed package may cause wool odour. After you receive the pillow, wash the cover and air the inside compartment for 48 hours, then your baby can sleep peacefully on the pillow.

While wool keeps you warm in winter due to its texture, it keeps you cool in summer due to the air permeability of its fibres. Thanks to this breathable structure, it keeps warm without sweating and can be used in four seasons. In addition, the weight of the duvet is adapted to the delicate body of your baby, it is extremely light.

We use the latest bead wool technology for our wool pillows. We make our pillows much more useful and practical by using non-clumping wool raw materials and washable covers.

The filling of our wool baby pillow is perfectly suitable for both the back and side sleeping position of your baby. However, if you want to change the height setting of the pillow, you can adjust the height to your baby by removing the raw material from the zipped insert. It is good for you to keep the raw material you have removed. If you want to increase the height of the cushion in the future, you can put the raw material that you removed from the cushion before back into the cushion. This way, the pillow adapts as your baby develops and offers the possibility of using it for a long time from day one.

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