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Woozy Bedding Set

ab 59,90 €
Tax included.
  • Fabric : 100% Cotton
  • Filling : 100% Woolmark Certified Wool
  • Washable cover with zipper
  • Wash cover only as per care instructions
  • Each bedding set contains: 1 pillow and 1 comforter.
  • 30 Days Trial, 2 Years Warranty

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Woozy Bedding Set
59,90 €
Hygge Baby Cot Bumper
39,90 €
Hygge Duvet Set
29,90 €
129,70 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
fast delivery

Very nice children's duvet and pillow. Very fast delivery

Super quality

Super quality


Ordered yesterday, delivered today. It couldn't be quicker. The bedding set looks good and feels nice and soft. I hope my daughter will sleep well in it.


I haven't used the bed set yet, but it looks very nice and high quality. The delivery arrived very quickly.


A very nice bedding set. The packaging, the functions, the quality - everything is as it should be. And the 100% wool also has a Woolmark stamp. Thank you for the quick delivery and the good service.

We liked it

The set feels very good and we are very satisfied with the product for our child.

Do you have any questions?

For baby sets, pillows measure 35x40 cm and duvets 80x80 cm. For children's sets, pillow dimensions are 40x60 cm with duvets at 100x135 cm.

Your wool baby blanket can be machine washed at 30 degrees according to the provided care instructions. After a gentle spin, we advise drying it flat on the lowest heat setting. Given that the product's raw material is natural, frequent washing may lead to quicker deformation. Therefore, airing out the baby quilt by laying it flat weekly is recommended. This practice ensures your baby enjoys a long-lasting, peaceful sleep with the quilt.

The cover of the Little Hibboux wool pillow, designed specifically for children, can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Use the lowest spin cycle before hanging the cover to dry. Wool, being a natural material, is prone to deformation and clumping if washed too frequently. To maintain a hygienic sleeping environment for your child, washing the pillow cover and airing out the pillow itself during washes is advisable. This approach ensures that your little one can enjoy their pillow for an extended period.

Our wool baby pillow can be cleaned following the provided care guidelines. Since the pillow's filling is made from 100% Woolmark-certified natural wool, keeping it in its original sealed packaging could lead to a wool smell. Upon receiving the pillow, we recommend washing its cover and airing the inner part for 48 hours. After this, it will be ready for your baby to enjoy peaceful sleep.

Wool's unique texture provides warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer, thanks to the breathability of its fibers. This allows for a comfortable temperature without causing sweating, making it suitable for all four seasons. Furthermore, the duvet is designed to be exceptionally lightweight, catering to the gentle nature of your baby's physique.

Our wool pillows incorporate the newest bead wool technology, enhancing their utility and convenience. This is achieved through the use of non-clumping wool materials and covers that are easy to wash.

Our wool baby pillow's filling is ideally suited for both back and side sleeping positions. To customize the pillow's height, you can adjust it for your baby by removing some of the filling through the zippered insert. It's beneficial to retain any removed filling, as you may wish to add it back to increase the pillow's height as your baby grows. This feature ensures the pillow can adapt with your baby's development and be used for an extended period right from the start.

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